meet homie

An integrated solution to optimise energy consumption in vacation rentals. homie connects heavy load devices with a cloud platform for energy management. Now energy consumption can be monitored, controlled and intelligently automated from anywhere.

how homie works

cloud controlled

homie utilises an innovative smart device installed in an electrical panel that can control high energy consuming products via WiFi. Once connected booking calendars can be integrated so that everything will be ready for the next guest, and turned off after check out.
homie is an open platform so other smart devices such as a Nest Protect or LIFX lights can be brought onto and controlled from the homie web app.
Visualise energy consumption and trends with built in cost tracking
Control heavy energy consuming devices from anywhere and make sure energy isn't being used when your property is vacant
Sync booking calendars and homie will automatically turn everything on for arrival, and turn everything off at checkout
Homie UI

homie for property managers

consolidated visibility

Monitor and control multiple properties from a web based dashboard, providing a new level of visibility into your portfolio
Forget about the rush to turn things off after checkout, let homie do it for you with intelligent automation

why homie

Spend Less
Homie reduces energy consumption by up to 40% per property, instantly reducing energy bills
Control from Anywhere
Turn devices on, off, left, right, up, down, from anywhere
Homie will do the work for you, no need to even open the app
Homie Stats
1790  kW
energy not consumed
491  Tonnes
CO2 Reduction
$ 20000
dollars not spent

accolades (more coming)

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